Honored Speakers

Phi Beta Kappa Honored Speakers Affiliation Year Speech Title
Dr. Richard J. Davidson Founder & Director of the Center for Healthy Minds 2019 “Well-being is a Skill”
Jon Pevehouse Professor of Political Science 2018 “Turning Inward: Rising American Isolationism in the Era of Globalization”
Judge Everett Mitchell Branch 4, Dane County Circuit Court 2017 “The Power of Transformative Compassion”
Charles Franklin Director of the Marquette Poll 2016 “An Analyst’s View of the 2016 Elections”
Joel DeSpain Public Information Officer, Madison Police Department 2015 “A Slow Turning: From Police Protestor to PIO, Always with an Eye on the Prose”
Pamela Herd Professor, Public Affairs & Sociology 2014 “It’s Not About IQ: Why Social and Psychological Skills Matter”
John Nichols Capital Times 2013 “We have it in our power to begin over again: Why Tom Paine is Still Right”
Dave Cieslewicz Former Mayor City of Madison 2012 “Coming Together in America: The Art of Disagreeing without Being Disagreeable”
Dave Zweifel Capital Times, Editor Emeritus 2011 “The Importance of Being Informed”
“Biddy” Martin Chancellor 2010
Joe Elder Sociology 2009 “Some Ideas From Asia”
Jeremi Suri History 2008 “The Humanities and the Future of American Society”
R Alta Charro Law School 2007 “The New Copernican Revolution: Science and the Deconstruction of Human Identity”