Catherine Stafford, PBK Past President

Professor Stafford is a faculty member in the Spanish department whose research interests encompass cognitive aspects of adult language learning and in her research she has investigated the relationships among bilingualism, and memory and age.

Officers by Year

Term President Vice President Secretary
2021-2022 Seth Pollak David Johnson E. Alison Rice/Autumn Gehri
2020-2021 Seth Pollak E. Alison Rice/Autumn Gehri
2018-2019 Cathy Stafford E. Alison Rice/Autumn Gehri
2016-2018 Pam Potter Cathy Stafford E. Alison Rice
2014-2016 Patricia Rosenmeyer Pam Potter E. Alison Rice
2011-2014 Larry Shapiro Patricia Rosenmeyer* E. Alison Rice
2009-2011 Jenny Saffran Larry Shapiro E. Alison Rice
2007-2009 Jonathan Martin Jenny Saffran E. Alison Rice
2005-2007 Sue Zaeske Jonathan Martin Barb Wiley/E. Alison Rice
2003-2005 Alex Nagel Sue Zaeske Barb Wiley
2001-2003 Jane Tylus Alex Nagel Peter Quimby
2000-2001 Booth Fowler Jane Tylus Barb Wiley
1999-2000 Niels Ingwersen Booth Fowler Peter Quimby
1998-1999 Emily Auerbach Peter Quimby
1997-1998 Thomas Schaub Emily Auerbach Carol Tarr

*Indicates partial term