PBK Fellowships

2022-2023 Fellows

Thekla Ketcher, 2022-2023 PBK Fellow

Hi everyone! I'm Thekla and am majoring in Chinese and Psychology, with a certificate in digital studies. After graduation, I intend on using these majors to eventually work within government law enforcement.

Kevin Fan, 2022-2023 PBK Fellow

Kevin is a senior majoring in Neurobiology and English and hopes to attend dental school after graduation. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and is a member of the UW-Madison Club Tennis team.

Ava Copple, 2022-2023 PBK Fellow

Ava is a senior majoring in Conservation Biology and Philosophy with a certificate in German. She works as a lifeguard and for her senior honors thesis she is researching fire tolerance among southern Wisconsin tree species.

Fellows by Year

Year Fellow
2021-2022 Samantha Sharpe
Xi (Chelsea) Chen
Allison Hesselberg
2020-2021 Elizabeth Neary
Jessica Kuzniewski
Jinan Sous
Xiyu Yang
2019-2020 Elizabeth Neary
Laura Bunn
Amanda Janquart
Lily Oberstein
2018-2019 Jamie Dawson
Laura Bunn
Madeline Koehn
Claire Vanden Heuvel
2017-2018 Sam Alhadeff
Jamie Dawson
Michael Hermsen
Luke Valmadrid
2016-2017 Allison Hare
Justin Laridaen
2015-2016 Matt Hoyer
Alex Waldman


Current Fellow Contact

Fellow Email
Thekla Ketcher ketcher@wisc.edu
Kevin Fan kfan24@wisc.edu
Ava Copple acopple@wisc.edu